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Computer games are great value for family recreation and entertainment in the home. They are excellent to have during the school holidays, after children have been out and about, or when the weather is unpleasant.


It is always best to supervise and ensure the games are age appropriate for your family.


XBox has been around for a long time and is a very popular choice. They are regularly coming out with new themes with amazing graphics. Wii is great for games, dance and exercises for the whole family- including mom! Wii makes exercising fun and intriguing using the latest technology!


I hope you enjoy my selection of computer games and Wii for fun, fitness and entertainment for the whole family. Have you ever had to make excuses for playing video games? When I was younger I would call into the local Fun Parlor and play Space Invaders-that was the first computer game out that I recall.


When you get older you start thinking: what kind of excuse can I give now Im twice the age of the target market for games But computer games are good to keep reflexes active and the brain alert.


Games require quick responses and creative problem solving. I think it helps hand eye coordination, although I am not an expert but I have noticed that practice does improve performance. Wii excercises are certainly beneficial for mobilty.


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